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Trailer Covers

We manufacture trailer covers for virtually any type of trailer: Farm trailers, articulated trailers, cargo trailers, domestic trailers, box trailers, tailgate trailers, framed trailers etc…

Design - Using the latest equipment and our expertise we are able to manufacture trailer covers for any style of trailer. Our manufacturing team specifically design trailer covers to suit each individual trailer, covering every detail.

We strongly recommend that trailer covers are manufactured in either: 610g/m², 680g/m² or 900g/m² PVC coated polyester fabric. This is due to its excellent strength, durability and water resistant properties. PVC polyester fabric is available in a range of colours.

For complex covers, accurate patterns are produced and used to create intricate panels. These panels are high frequency welded together. Reinforcing is added where necessary and special requirements are attended to. Depending on the complexity, you maybe required to leave your trailer with us at our factory allowing us to work with trailer.

For standard boxed trailers covers, all we require is dimensions of the trailer length, trailer width and cover drop on the sides. We’ll build in the tolerance to ensure an excellent fit. 

Features of a standard boxed trailer cover:

  • Manufactured in heavy duty PVC coated polyester fabric, recommended fabrics: 610g/m² PVC polyester, 680g/m² PVC polyester or 900g/m² PVC polyester.
  • 50mm to 200mm drop on sides allows the trailer cover to be tensioned down. Drop distance depends on trailer style.
  • Brass eyelets are set in three thickness of material. They are normally positioned at 0.5m intervals (depending on the trailer style) around the side edges to form attachment locations for bungee cord. Brass eyelet internal diameters: 7mm, 9mm 10.5mm, 12.5mm and 15.5mm.
  • Bungee cord is used to secure and tension the trailer cover. Bungee cord is passed through eyelets on the side of the cover and secured to hooks on the trailer. Bungee cord diameters: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm.
  • Stainless steel over centre locking buckles & straps secure the sides of the cover to the trailer. They are also used to generate tension in the cover. Buckles are bolted or riveted to the cover and the straps are secured to hooks on the trailer.
  • Reinforced boxed corners are high frequency welded and completely waterproof.
  • Opening sides enable loads to be accessed quickly. Sides can be rolled up and secured with webbing ties. Turn buttons or bungee cord is used to fasten sides when closed.
  • Completely waterproof seems ensure loads are kept dry. Seems can be positioned to line up with hooks on trailers, providing strong fixing locations. All seems are high frequency welded, 30mm or 50mm wide.

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