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Outdoor Roll Up Blinds

We can design and manufacture outdoor roll up to blinds with an integrated rope and pulley system for existing outdoor structures, gazebos, pergolas, awnings, lean to structures, shelters and canopies.

Roll up blinds provide protection from all weather conditions (all year round!) to create an enclosed area when lowered in the closed position. They can be quickly and easily rolled up and stored in the open postion by simply pulling on the rope, instantly creating an outdoor open space. 

Outdoor blinds are custom made to suit each individual structure. We can build in a rope and pulley system that allows you to roll up the panels quickly and easily by simply pulling on a rope. We can make the blinds any width and height.


Visit our YouTube channel for our Outdoor Roll Up Blinds Video (click here):


Dimensions & Information - To provide you with a quotation to your specification, please can you send us the following information (based on standard panels):

  • A good photograph of the structure and area to be covered
  • A quick sketch if possible
  • Panel width (from inside of frame to inside of frame)
  • Panel height (from ground to inside of frame)
  • Diagonal measurements (from inside top corner of frame to inside bottom corner of frame - both sides)
  • Frame type and profile dimensions or gauge
  • Size of any clear PVC windows (if required to add extra light) or zipped doorways
  • Please try to measure the frame as accurately as possible so that the panels will fit perfectly when installed!


Design features of a standard roll up blind:

  • Built in rope and pulley system. Two small pulleys are fixed to the top of the timber structure – one each side. Rope is passed through the pulleys and around the bottom bar to create a simply pulley system.
  • Normally manufactured in 330g/m² Acrylic PU Coated Canvas for a traditional appearance - available in wide range of colours.
  • Optional clear PVC windows.
  • The blind is permanently fixed at the top. 
  • A round timber or aluminium bar fixed inside a sewn in pocket along the bottom. The round bottom bar makes it easy to roll up the canvas. It creates a smooth roll without any creases.
  • The sides can be fitted with turn buttons, dutch lacing or zips to secure and seal off the blind to the frame.



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