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Roll Over Sheets

We manufacture a range of roll over sheets for: Articulated bulk grain trailers, tipper lorries, farm trailers, storage hoppers, seed drills etc...

Design - Roll over sheets are designed to suit each individual vehicle. We manufacture roll over sheets with or without centre poles for trailers from 1m to 11m in length. Roll over sheets are manufactured in either: 610g/m², 680g/m² or 900g/m² PVC coated fabric. This material is available in a range of colours.

Roll over sheets are permanently fixed to the near side of the trailer with rivets or bolts and can be rolled from side to side by a manual or electronic operating system. This allows the load to be covered and uncovered quickly.

To secure the open side of the sheet to the trailer a 50mm diameter aluminium pole is inserted into a reinforced pocket along the open edge of the sheet. Ratchet straps purchase on this aluminium bar, enabling the free side of the sheet to be fixed to the trailer. Ratchet straps also generate tension in the sheet.

Features of a typical roll over sheet:

  • Manufactured in heavy duty PVC coated polyester fabric, recommended fabrics: 610g/m² PVC polyester, 680g/m² PVC polyester or 900g/m² PVC polyester.
  • Reinforced edges add strength and increase the life of the roll over sheet. Edges are reinforced with double thickness PVC and 25mm or 50mm polyester webbing.
  • 300mm to 600mm drop on sides allows the roll over sheet to be tensioned down. Drop distance depends on trailer style.  
  • Completely waterproof seems ensure loads are kept dry. All seems are high frequency welded, 30mm or 50mm wide.
  • Ratchet straps secure the open side of the sheet to the trailer. Ratchet straps load capacities: 0.5 ton, 1 ton, 4 ton and 5 ton.
  • Rivets permanently fix the sheet to one side of the trailer.
  • 50mm diameter aluminium poles are inserted into reinforced pockets on the sheet, these poles provide anchoring locations allowing the sheet to be secured to the trailer. We can supply new or replacement aluminium poles.
  • Pull back ropes are positioned along the side of the sheet. They enable the sheet to be opened and closed quickly.  

We can supply roll over sheets for new vehicles or replacements for existing vehicles, with either manual or electronic operating systems.

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