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Lorry Curtains

We design and manufacture bespoke lorry curtains to suit all types of vehicles and trailers: Articulated trailers, cargo lorries, pick-ups, commercial vehicles, domestic vehicles etc…

All our lorry curtains are designed and manufactured to the highest of standards at our 2000m² factory in Gloucestershire. We have been manufacturing products for the transportation industry for 40 years!

We can supply new curtains for new vehicles or replacement ones for existing vehicles. Lorry curtains are manufactured in heavy-duty 900g/m² PVC coated polyester fabric. This material has a larquered gloss finish and UV protection on both sides. It is extremely hardwearing and well suited for use in extreme weather conditions.

Measurements & Information - In order to manufacture a set of lorry curtains to your specification, we require the following information:

  • Trailer length (from centre of pole to centre of pole)
  • Trailer height (from underside of roller tracking to bottom of rave)
  • Rave thickness
  • Style of rollers and tracking
  • Tensioning location (front of the trailer, rear of the trailer or both?)

Artwork - All artwork is sub-contracted. We can arrange sign writing, high quality digital print and vinyl graphics for you.

Repairs - We offer a repair service, carrying out small and large repairs on tarpaulins and curtain sided vehicles. Using portable hot air welding equipment we’re able to repair rips, tears and slashes quickly.

Fitting - We have all the necessary equipment and experience to fit lorry curtains for you. We like to make certain all our manufactured lorry curtains fit perfectly!

Design features of a standard set of lorry curtains:

  • Manufactured in heavy duty 900g/m² PVC coated polyester fabric. This material has a larquered gloss finish and UV protection on both sides. It is extremely hardwearing and available in an extensive range of colours.
  • 50mm wide reinforcement bands are welded vertically from buckle to roller. 50mm wide PVC coated webbing is high frequency welded on the inside of the curtain. Vertical reinforcement bands are normally positioned every 600mm depending on the trailer length. These bands also provide strong fixing locations for buckles and rollers. Horizontal reinforcement bands can be positioned on the top edge, bottom edge and buckle line of the curtain.
  • Rollers are fitted to suit the trailer track. They are riveted or bolted to the reinforcement bands on the curtains. We stock a variety of roller styles and tracking.
  • Stainless steel over centre locking buckles & straps secure the bottoms of the curtains to the trailer. They are also used to generate tension in the curtains. Buckles are bolted to the reinforcement bands on the curtains and the straps are secured to the bottom of the trailer rave.
  • Reinforced pockets are located on the sides of the curtains. They hold aluminium poles. All pockets are reinforced with double thickness PVC.     
  • Aluminium poles are riveted inside reinforced pockets on the sides of the curtains, these poles connect to a tensioning mechanism on the trailer. We can supply new or replacement aluminium poles.

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