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Made To Measure Tarpaulins

Made to measure tarpaulins are specifically designed and manufactured to your requirements for virtually any type of application: custom made lorry sheets, made to measure covers, bespoke ground sheets, modular building covers, boat covers, car covers, garden furniture covers etc...

We have an experienced design team who will ensure your made to measure tarpaulin is designed and manufactured to the highest of standards; we have been manufacturing bespoke tarpaulins for over 40 years!

We started out manufacturing lorry tarpaulins for the haulage industry, when all transportation vehicles had open backs. Tarpaulins provided the primary protection against the elements. They were made in traditional cotton canvas. Now other tarpaulin materials are available, PVC and polyester materials are used as well as a variety of waterproof, heavy duty canvas fabrics. Current-manufacturing processes and machines are advanced and tarpaulin covers are used in many industries.

Design - Each made to measure tarpaulin is designed to be functional and economical to manufacture. Design features include:

  • Reinforced corners and edges add strength and increase the life of the sheet. Reinforcement methods include: 25mm and 50mm double and single hems, polyester webbing reinforcement and double thickness material.
  • Shortening tabs are positioned along the side of the tarpaulin, allowing the tarpaulin to be adjusted to varying sizes.
  • Brass eyelets are set in three thickness of material. They are normally positioned at 1.5m intervals around the edge to form attachment locations for rope, allowing the tarpaulin to be tied down or suspended. Brass eyelet internal diameters: 7mm, 9mm 10.5mm, 12.5mm and 15.5mm.
  • Ratchet straps secure the tarpaulin in place. Ratchet straps load capacities: 0.5 ton, 1 ton, 4 ton and 5 ton.
  • Polypropylene rope is spliced onto eyelets around the edge of the tarpaulin, usually in 2m lengths. This allows the tarpaulin to be tied down or suspended. 7mm diameter polypropylene rope is most suitable.
  • Bungee cord is used to tension down the edges of the tarpaulin. Cord is passed through the eyelets on the tarpaulin and secured to hooks. Bungee cord diameters: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm.

PVC Tarpaulins - We normally manufacture tarpaulins in PVC coated polyester fabric due to its excellent strength, durability and water resistant properties. PVC tarpaulins are constructed by joining 2m to 3m wide panels of PVC fabric to achieve a desired width. All PVC fabric sheets have totally waterproof welded seems, conventionally 30mm wide. Tarpaulin edges are hemmed, sewn with strong metric 8 polyester cotton thread and have eyelets set into 3 ply reinforcing.  

Recommended PVC fabrics: 610g/m² PVC Polyester, 680g/m² PVC Polyester, 900g/m² PVC polyester

Canvas Tarpaulins - Traditional tarpaulins are manufactured in heavy duty canvas. Unlike PVC fabric, canvas is breathable. This prevents condensation building up on the inside surface of the canvas tarpaulin. Canvas tarpaulins are constructed by joining 91cm wide panels of canvas to achieve a desired width. Panels are joined by twin rows of lockstick metric 8 polyester cotton thread stitching. Tarpaulin edges are hemmed, sewn with strong metric 8 polyester cotton thread and have eyelets set into 3 ply reinforcing. 

We stock a variety of canvas fabrics with standard, flame retardant, rot resistant and water resistant finishes. We will advise you on the most suitable for your tarpaulin depending on the application.

Recommended canvas fabrics for made to measure tarpaulins: 509g/m² cotton, 475g/m² cotton, 407g/m² rip-stop

Lightweight Ready Made Tarpaulin - Polyethylene sheets are available off the shelf in weights of 100gms and 250gms (grams per square metre) and in a range of sizes. All polyethylene sheets are hemmed and have eyelets positioned at 1.5m intervals around the edges as standard and are ready to use. These lightweight tarpaulins are suitable for lightweight or short-term applications. They are widely used as temporary covers in the building industry, farming industry, boating, landscaping industry.

Tarpaulin Repairs - We offer a repair service, carrying out small and large repairs. Using portable hot air welding equipment we are able to make repairs on weldable PVC coated fabrics. We can also repair canvas tarpaulins.

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