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Clearance Fabric

Clearance fabric sold at discounted prices due to the fabric being discontinued or cleared out.

'Clearance' 475g/m² (15oz) 'Duradon' Polyester Canvas. Width: 91cm 'Clearance' 475g/m² (15oz) 'Duradon' Polyester Canvas. Width: 91cm

Polyester canvas is made from synthetic 100% polyester fibers. It is extremely tough and durable. Ideal for applications requiring strength such as industrial bags and heavy duty static covers. Not suitable for covers that need to be completely waterproof due to seam leakage problems with this canvas.

£4.80 per metre£4.00 ex VAT

'Clearance' 407g/m² (12oz) Rip-Stop Canvas. Width: 91cm 'Clearance' 407g/m² (12oz) Rip-Stop Canvas. Width: 91cm

Only available in red. We have a limited amount of this material available at this discounted price. This clearance stock has a slight colour difference (slightly lighter red) from our typical red stock.

£3.90 per metre£3.25 ex VAT

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